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Beauty by B

Providing For All Your girly needs

Sari Dress
Poison Nightmares.jpg

Special Event Makeup

Whether you are the Bride or the Bridesmaid

The Model or The Mommy 

The Birthday Girl or The Newly Divorcée

Your Face Will Be The Best In The Room. Period.

Vacation Styling

Goin on a trip?

You're going to need IG Worthy Looks -

Don't waste hours of scouring the internet & stores for mediocre looks - instead, let me handle picking your perfectly paired pieces that will turn heads from here to China.   

Shop The Jacquemus SS20 Runway.jpg
10 Ways to Break Free from Your Creative Rut — Amy Shamblen Creative.jpg

Ready to up your beauty game?

Just the way different cars need different parts - 

Different faces need different tools. 

Up your beauty game big time by a second opinion.

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